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Incentives for Solar in Illinois will NEVER be better!

There will NEVER be a better time to take control of your electric costs. Farmers, businesses and homeowners are all benefitting from the unprecedented solar incentives. 30% Federal tax credit. REAP, SREC, depreciation, Com Ed and Ameren rebates all add up to a phenomenal opportunity to get your system for 20 cents on a dollar or better with  a return on your investment from 5-8 years Best of all in a very short time you will be set up to never pay a usage bill again and will not be subject to inflation.

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25 year warranty on Solar panels.

Expert installation with certified master electricians  ALWAYS finalizing your project.

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The road to getting your solar off set system begins with us. We take you step by step starting with the system design and placement. Utilities paperwork, proper permitting, installation, activation, grants ,SRECS and making sure you receive all the rebates, tax deductions and incentives that you are eligible for is ALL taken care of by us.

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We strive to be in constant communication with our solar installation customers until the job is done. Please use the form for an estimate, or call us for any questions about converting your home or business to solar. We look forward to serving you! Mid Illinois Solar in Pontiac. Mid Illinois Solar in Champaign. solar installers in Pontiac.

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